The Freewriters Daily! Curation of the freewrites posts (day 877, "loathing")

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Welcome to The Freewriters Daily!

Inside you’ll find a collection of freewrites all responding to the freewrite prompt by @mariannewest.

Yesterday (day 877) the prompt was


A word about Communities

If you can, please post your Freewrite to the Freewriters Community. You will get noticed by us (upvoted and resteemed by the @freewritehouse account), as well as a mention in The Freewriters Daily, of course!

If you post in other communities PLEASE check their rules before you post to them. Some communities have very specific rules (such as needing to be members of a separate discord group) and subscribing to the group is not enough. If you post in a community with specific requirements that you do not meet your post may be muted by that community.

You do not have to post in any community, of course. Just remember to drop a link into @mariannewest’s daily prompt post and I will find it!


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Thank you to all the wonderful Freewriters who posted in our Freewriters Community (hive-161155)! They were all upvoted and resteemed by the @FreewriteHouse account and upvoted by the hive-161155 account too!

Here are the most recent freewrites:












We also enjoyed freewrites published elsewhere on the blockchain


If you didn't post directly into the community last time perhaps you'll consider doing it next time? We are trying to grow our Freewriters Community and would love your help to make it shine!

[Here is a handy guide on how to join the Freewriters Community (hive-161155) and how to post to it!]](

If you wrote a freewrite we missed drop a link in the comment section!

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Check out today’s freewrite prompt from @mariannewest and post your freewrite to the Freewriters Community (hive-161155)!



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