💘The Newly Wed Game! *17 Years Edition!* 💘

in Freewriters4 years ago

I think I know my spouse pretty well. I know his favorite color...orange, right? Nope, it was orange in high school...it is now bright yellow. I literally had to ask him, just now. But I do know his favorite foods and how to make him smile when he's grumpy.

After seventeen years of wedded bliss, all these details should really be second nature. Just as easy to recall as my own!

Well, that's what I thought as we sat down to film The Newly Wed Game 17 Year Edition.

Turns out I wasn't as right as I thought I was! Shocking!

Also, there is a lot of pressure when you're supposed to get things right. All those years of yelling at the TV during game shows when the contestants missed an obvious answer. Now I realize how much of a cluster cuss I would be in if we had to film this to win money.

We hope you enjoy this video and it makes you laugh just as much as us!

Much love,
Stacie D

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