It´s not. If you learn something about this, in a good way, it's a good thing. We need to learn to love, to say thanks and we need to have hope.

I am 100% with you on this. I am disappointed and disgusted with the way people are panicking and hoarding and not thinking one thought about their neighbors. We have ceased to be a society. I saw this coming a long way off by observing peoples driving habits. Me first, you are in my way. People act as if they are gods and they will pay a dear price for it. I am sick of this ride too, let me off.

I am a huge proponent of Universal Basic Income - and that might happen here. Also, I have seen people reaching out and to try to build community. That is a plus.
But I am 100% with you that I fear we are losing even more of our freedoms. 9/11 and what happened after is still with us and we lost so many rights since then.
The hoarding is and was more than disgusting. I am trying hard to stay on the positive side. Not being around people is a bit of a nice break for me. But I think that people are going to go crazy for a while. And that, I am not looking forward to.