Fatal ! A 5 minute freewrite

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Many times life leads us to face situations that take us out of our comfort zone. This is the case of what has happened with the global financial crisis in which a fatal consequence that we can be facing, such as the Covid-19 pandemic. This has led to a new reality in which distance work to be done at home, is giving new opportunities to unemployed people. Thus one of the best paid professions that has benefited with this is the network marketting, which with new technological tools allows effective and well-paid businesses not importing the physical location in which we find ourselves.

Recalling a sympathetic moral, in which the case of low tide is given, in which hundreds of starfish are very hopeless to survive. A child is approaching the beach and begins innocently to return them to the bottom of the sea, an adult then claims to the child, saying: Despite your efforts they will not survive, the child then intelligently answers the adult, I know that many will not survive, but it is that I have in hand , it survived, returning it to the sea.

This moral indicates that we should always maintain faith and hope that larger things will happen in our lives, even though in the current moments we can be passing moments of difficulties.

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