One Year On Steem -- What a Ride It Has Been!

in Freewriters4 years ago

My intro pic, one year ago today ...

Deeann on Steemit.jpg

I came here when Steem was 53 cents, one year ago … two hard forks, two soft forks, a purchase of Steemit, a struggle for witnesses and the ninja stake that I didn't know even existed later ... it's been an incredible experience.

I came here a musician and will return to that this year later on … but because I discovered the Freewriters (#hive-161155 for those writers who want to be in a REALLY supportive community), I began writing every day... BIG thanks to @mariannewest and @freewritehouse and a bunch of great people in it who encouraged and supported me to keep writing and writing and writing … (and also, thank you @pifc and @team-ccc and @bananafish!)

Four novel-length stories later (all published on Steem, the first, Black, White, and RED All Over published on Amazon, and three more going there later this year!), I'm approaching agents and discovering that I can do WAY more work per day at great quality than I ever thought was possible – a fact that has wrapped back over into my music and about to wrap into small film life as well!

I am also able from just my Steem earnings to contribute to help people in real situations in Venezuela and beyond … although Steem is way down (back at 14 cents at the moment), it is still SOMETHING to be able to help keep food, clothing, and shelter going for others, SOMETHING we wouldn't have if it wasn't for Steem! And, even with all the turmoil, nothing is stopping us from doing more (I'm claiming some rewards today on my anniversary and will be contributing to some friends in need and also @hope.venezuela – I suggest you check that out as well!)

Thank you, Steemians. I know this is a difficult moment for us all, but understand that this community has great value and is doing great good around the world! My life is in an entirely different position now because of Steem and because of you, and really, the ripples are just beginning to flow out, one year in! No matter what happens, just know: Steem and Steemians, you are making a difference that will NEVER be forgotten!


It's a better place with you in it! I can't believe it's only been a year for you. You have a massive body of work on steem for being here such a short time.

You're a musician?

Thank you!

Yep... I'll be doing more music posts later this year ... I'm not going to link to anything because I know phishing is up again, but I'll get into some posts later on ...

Congratulations on the one year, it is always nice to see people sticking around, especially those that make post for us to read, look at and just plain assed enjoy.

Thank you -- not going anywhere for the time being, and will continue to create!

Congratulations @deeanndmathews. You are a winner.

Muchas gracias, my fellow victor!

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