Online education could destroy itself !

in Freewriterslast year



After the madness that we have in Russia with the virus and new laws that government applied, a lot of things are looking really crazy. One of them is the laws about education and what they are willing to do with the system of education in the future. They already moved all schools to online education and they think to do the same in the next year. Some of them even allowed some schools to work, but only if kids will not be close to each other and if they will not meet with other classes during the breaks and some didn't even have those breaks. So, it's hard for a school or any other educational organisation to work as they worked before and they are forced to move to online education. I think almost the same is happpenig in all the world.

Let's suppose that all education in the world will move online. Maybe it's good for theoretical knowledges and it will be easier for young people to learn. They will always have a lot of sources to check, maybe they will have easier exams and they will not have to buy a lot of books they don't need, but only if they really like one. But, what about the practical skills, how they will get them ? Imagine a doctor or a dentist learned only online and never had experience in healing people. Imagine a
builder never build a house. Imagine a pilot learned only online how to drive a an airplane. That will be a disaster. They will all have to test themself first on people. It looks like an experiment on us. It will be hard to trust those professionals. We will be afraid to do almost everything.

Talking also about relationship. How young people gonna make friends. What about the fun, the parties of school friends and the adventures in the best age. Are they willing to kill all that and to deprive all those emotions from young people in the future ? What's going on to this world ? How could such light virus change our lives that much ? Should we allow that to happen ? The world is going crazy.

I hope more people will be aware of what's really happenig and if we will all stand toogether against that, our lives will not change that much and our generations will live just like us or even better.