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Freedom was in question, everything was surrounded by one question
The plan of freedom started, journey of freedom fighters started
They reached where they want to, they done what they want to
But, when truth is different, meaning becomes different.

Freeing, winning
Lessons are learnt, emotions are burnt
Time to see a free bird, dream living bird
Freedom crossed the bridge, breathing bridge.

It's hard to stop thinking, heavy thinking
These thoughts are dominating one, enslaving one
They are becoming powerful, every powerful aspect is not useful
Using mental force to release these heavy thoughts, giant thoughts.

When we share unopened book of stories with others, we feel lite like many others
When we share they know and we know, we all know
Our emotions relive, our memories relive
Freeing action, extraction.

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"This is my original and opinionated work".

(Pictures are edited and used from the Canva application).

Thanks and regards,
Chiranjeevi Sarikonda
(Spread Love, Spread Kindness)
Stay Blessed