Feet? What to do with them
One in front of the other
Yes, feet, the answer you seek
Walking quietly, slowly
Like they’re almost afraid to move
The reluctant pace
Neither purposeful nor hesitant
Heavy they are, those feet
But you keep going
Because there’s something beautiful
And you need to find it

Peace of mind?
They say you can find it within you
But you’ve tried and failed
Or have you?
One way to find out, you believe
So you keep going
Maybe nature is the answer
Yes, nature
How you love the sky
The moving clouds
The setting sun

Depressed? You wonder
No, not depression
You’re sure, or are you?
You search for the hollowness
No, not there
Just drained, is all
You keep walking
Just a little while now
A clear head is all you need
And you’re back to normal
Normal, yes that’s the word

Solitude? You love it
Always have, always will
Happy or sad, quiet the answer
But now, just low
A good cry, yes
It puts you to sleep
Wake up better, clearer head
Just sitting and staring
Thinking, not this time
Just enjoying the branches sway
Yes, nature, it comes back to it

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