The Training Is Gone : A Freewrite Poetry.

in Freewriters4 years ago

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Still wouldn't know how
The pass,the dribble,the goal
For all was shouting his score
For once,all now stopped
The pass,the dribble,the goal
Disappeared into thin air
Still wouldn't know how
One single virus can clean the cloud ☁️
The training gone
Fields with no spectators
Empty gym,scanty pitch
If you're caught,you'll be gone
Faced the law,shame your club
Despite the distance, even the mask
Plague rages on like I don't care
Killing more than necessary
Crushing the whole economy.
Training finally gone
Fields,gym, pitch filled with none.
You kick me, I'll tackle you
The rough hand days are gone
Now a distance makes the world safe
A salary cut makes the workers fed
Tireless doctors saving humanity
While football stays in rigidity
Sports on hold,no activity
Rough hands no more
Dribble,passes,kicks,punch and dunk is gone.
My entry into @mariannewest everyday Freewrite.

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