Weekend Freewrite - 7/11/2020

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Aunt Zell and Uncle Ash were leaving as I bought the puppy downstairs next morning.
I have to admit last evening was not going to be on my “Top 10 Best List”.

After the extremely overrated argument with Jessie on pizza topping combination, I was left devastated that my (supposedly) “Best Friend” did not know the fact that I hated Mushrooms with Cottage Cheese.
I knew it was going to be a bad night when I walked into my house booming with my only aunt’s laugh. I suppose the structural integrity of the house will get us through the peril. “Godspeed”, I muttered as I tried to dash across the dining area to my room.

“Oh gosh, that’s right. I keep forgetting you just seem like you. Not another one of your futile attempt to hide from your one and only lovely and gorgeous Auntie .... Hmmmm “, crackled a demonic voice as the she-devil creeped behind me gripping on my shoulder.
“A... A... Aunt Zell .... What a lovely surprise .... I didn’t expect you to ...ummm....bless us with your presence tonight”, I said mentally cursing myself for not inheriting Ninja Stealth as I was dragged away by the mistress of evil. This was going to be a bad bad evening.

“The day I killed 100 mosquitoes was the day I saved the whole society from Malaria ... Hell I might have even stopped a pandemic ....”, Aunt Zell was sonic booming her heroics as I walked in wearing an neon green high neck blouse with shocking pink long skirt with little men printed on it.
Uncle Ash and Daddy tried to hide their laugh while I endured the torture of trying out the gifts Aunt Zell had hand picked for me.“ You looked prettier in my head wearing that .... but no big ... not everyone can pull off wearing such beautiful clothes like me ... and ...” Aunt Zell continued her non stop chatter for the rest of the Evening.

Finally at the end of never ending night I retired to my room to find Winnie, my loyal Pomeranian waiting for me in bed.
“You are the only one to understand me... I love you.“, I whispered as the puppy snuggled and booped my nose.


Hey People!!!
Greetings of the day.

I am Rashmi and I’m new here.
I intend to actively participate in this community and enhance my writing skills.

This is my entry to @mariannewests’s weekend Freewrite challenge. It was really fun and testing. Did not expect the second and the third prompt and was hard to keep on a single track with the time limit mentioned.

This is my first Freewrite and I’m open to all kinds of suggestions and feedback.


***All images are may own creations.


Apologies if I posted this beyond any specific deadline.

Rashmi, welcome to the freewriters!!
What a fun story!
And no worries, there are no deadlines at all. Just wanting to let you know that the freewrite community on Steem is small since most freewriters have moved to Hive after the split.
But some are still here :)

Thank you 😊.
Looking forward to more such amazing writing prompts and your guidance.

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