Anti-White Racism And Woke Revolutionary Zealotry

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Disliking people based only on melanin and immutable characteristics shaped by their parents DNA is bigoted. Anti-White Racism And Woke Revolutionary Zealotry.

The White Devil - Less Than Human

Tribal animosity drives inequality. An intense focus to dislike, disparage, denigrate and discriminate based purely on skin colour is by definition - bigoted moronic racialism.

Here in 21st century Britain, the USA and in other western countries that rule does not apply to white people. White people are now publicly disliked, disparaged and denigrated with hardly any societal, cultural or legal ramifications.


Because of a relatively new cultural cancer, a Marxist mutation - Wokeism.

A new cult thrives - the church of woke. It has a foundation bedded in sand, the mortar of equity, intersectionality and grievance binds the rubble placed on top of its shifting and insecure base. The collective labour of Marxists and postmodernists build it higher and higher, aiming to pierce the intersection of earth and heaven. Once that happens, it will cast its shadow over everything, the light of enlightenment, extinguished.

The building of this church continues, relatively unchallenged. A political and cultural event horizon drags the young, the unhinged, the fragile, the weak and mentally unstable, into its dark core, creating an army of deranged and indoctrinated acolytes. The corruption and decline of western culture is made real through the political and philosophical enslavement of indoctrinated minds.

Wokeism creates a hierarchy of grievance and victimhood based on the intersections of race, religion, culture, creed, disability, sex, gender, politics, sexuality, and whatever else you can think of. The founding fathers of wokeism had to construct a bogeyman, a personification of evil, a new cult-like religion must have a devil made flesh.

The white man!

A Soviet Swastika
A Soviet Swastika

Reverse Racism Or Just Racism?

The term "reverse racism" is attributed to white people aligned on the political right. White skin happens to be an immutable and unchanging characteristic, one that derives from the DNA of a father and a mother. The term "reverse racism" is something separate and aside from racism, it has been carved out by the "intellectual left" specifically for white people ideologically identifiable as "right-wing".


If someone has an intense focus to dislike, disparage, discriminate and denigrate someone based purely on skin colour, they are by definition - bigoted, intolerant moronic racialists. If someone hates a person because of their brown skin pigmentation, they would rightfully be called racists. If a non-white individual dislikes a person because of their "whiteness" it is acceptable, morally virtuous even, how is that not racism?

The "intellectual" woke left have managed to differentiate racism from whites and non-whites - like they are two separate things?

Racism is racism, no matter what colour the person is if one dislikes another based on skin colour, they are by definition, racist.

Not so in the woke new world order!

White men are born with the "privilege" of white skin (doesn't that sound a tad racist?) therefore the white man has an advantage over all others by virtue of an immutable genetic trait, not of his choosing. Race-baiting wokeists always look for an angle to inject racial motivations into an argument, even when there are none. The injection of racial motivation turns the narrative to their favour, who could possibly criticise their argument after that?

Only racists would do such a thing!

This woke strategy has served the left well because non-adherence to their accepted speech codes, their spun narratives and their virtuous piety is nothing less than blasphemy! Wokeist witch trials have severe societal, cultural, economic and political ramifications for any blasphemer. Lives are systematically destroyed for not "toeing the line".
That is until recently.

When non-white wokeists get called out and criticised for their race-baiting by an ethnically white person daring to hold and vocalise a dissenting opinion, the non-white wokeist will go for a personal, racial attack - shut up white man, check your privilege!

That wokeist isn't a racist; it's not racism remember, its "reverse racism" its a totally different thing.

If the ethnically white person referred to the non-white wokeist as "brown and privileged" he would most definitely be called out as a racist, a bigot, a Nazi.

Can anyone not see the double standard here?

Racists come in all different colours, shapes and sizes, yet almost all of them come from the authoritarian left! Let's not forget that Hilter himself was an avowed and devoted SOCIALIST!

The left's stench of hypocrisy, the foulness of left-wing irony, the disgrace of woke double standards is evident to all.

If the left never dabbled in double standards, they would have no standards at all.

All sane people in this world have to unite, form a demolition team and raze the church of woke to the ground. Strike at its shaky and insecure foundation. We must topple this tyrannical cult and let the rubble fall wherever it will.

In April 1945 devout socialist Adolf Hitler died by his own hand amongst the rubble of Berlin, he admitted that "...the whole of National Socialism was based on Marx". Hitler brought Germany nothing but chaos and destruction. It is time for woke ideas to do the honourable thing, suicide themselves and lie buried underneath the rubble of their apocalyptic church, forever consigned to the dustbin of history.

Destroy identity politics before it destroys us all!

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But the end of all things has drawn near. Therefore be sober-minded and be sober unto prayers.(1 Peter 4:7)

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Some people of a darker color genuinely has no idea THEY are racists, not someone else. I had hard time proving it to my mixed-race fiance, at least we are ok with anything including hard conversations or even racist chats :-D But that made me aware that some really believe only white people can be racists, others can not because they are of a dark color so it is impossible to be racist :-D :-D :-D
- GothicRoseNovorossiya

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