Tencent’s New Wheeled Robot Flicks Its Tail To Do Backflips - IEEE Spectrum

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Photo: tencent

( June 15, 2021; IEEE Spectrum )

Ollie (I think its name is Ollie) is a “a novel wheel-legged robot” from Tencent Robotics. The word “novel” is used quite appropriately here, since Ollie sports some unusual planar parallel legs atop driven wheels. It’s also got a multifunctional actuated tail that not only enables some impressive acrobatics, but also allows the robot to transition from biped-ish to triped-ish to stand up extra tall and support a coffee-carrying manipulator.

Read the rest from IEEE Spectrum: Tencent’s New Wheeled Robot Flicks Its Tail To Do Backflips

 3 years ago 

Hahaha .. Now if this is a boom it is incredible how it can maintain stability without using a rear or front support, until it is fun to see it in action I want one for my birthday party. I fell in love with this robot.

 3 years ago 

I agree. I was just as impressed by the way it could balance on two wheels as I was by the other abilities.

 3 years ago 

I have not had time to read the article since my daughters have not allowed me to be very comfortable at the computer to sit and read, this robot is operated by control or uses artificial intelligence.

 3 years ago 

Good question. I don't think the article said which it was, so I'm also not sure.

Oh wow!

I thought it was going to push off the ground, but it actually just uses the "tail's" momentum!

 3 years ago 

Yeah, I wasn't sure what to expect. I'm thinking the two platforms were strategically positioned, and it probably took a lot of practice/choreography. Still an impressive move, though.

Robot technology is being developed day by day. One day robot will be part and parcel in our daily life.

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