Over half of millennials are responsible for executing their parents' wills, but hardly any have access to their parents' online passwords - ZDNet

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( November 23, 2021; ZDNet )

This is an important topic for people in the Steem and wider cryptocurrency communities to think about.

The COCID-19 pandemic has made us think more deeply about our mortality, but how can we make sure that we ensure a smooth handover of our estate -- especially those digital platforms where we spend more and more of our time.

According to the report, descendants of those millennials surveyed would lose access to an estimated average of $22,500 due to mismanaged wills.

Creating a way to manage that digital handover means that those authorized to act on your behalf when you die can make sure that your wishes are carried out in full.

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 2 months ago 

A few days ago I heard a story here in Bogotá where a 61-year-old man had invested 80 thousand dollars in bitcoin and unfortunately he died of a heart attack and did not leave any paper, pendrive or file with the password of his blockchain.

Now those 80 thousand dollars are in limbo and no family will be able to enjoy it.

Cryptocurrency is a necessity in this era. I think all of us who own cryptocurrencies should think of a way to pass it on to our families. We do not know when, where and how we will die. If we didn't think of a way to pass it on to our family, it would mean we lost the assets. .
I myself always keep my crypto asset passwords in a safe deposit box, and if I die they can be retrieved by my son.

You have made me think about my human fragility, I have never thought about leaving my purse in the hands of my family, and death at this time prowls more than ever .

Gracias @remlaps-lite

It is a very important issue, to think about others while we are alive, to leave to the living what the dead do not need, I am 23 years old, I am young I know, but to die the only requirement is to be alive and I am alive, I have in my computer everything relevant to my work, those who remain alive need what I leave behind, you have to think about others

I had not really thought about this situation and it is a reality in our days, and it seems good to me that this digital transfer is carried out by an authorized person.

the current millennial generation who has digital assets such as Cryptocurrancy, I think we must really prepare the heirs, we must properly store passwords in our own way, but what must be ensured, when we die our digital asset passwords can be accessed by our own heirs or children, the most important thing is that the password can be taken in a safe place by our heirs when we die, about how they can access it later, I think they will learn, ask or do a browser search about how to access digital accounts, basically , the password really has to be made sure it's stored securely and can be retrieved by the heirs when it's time, I think we all have our own way of doing things like this. thank you.

Actually when I read the information my mind flew, since at no time had I raised that issue. We definitely have to keep up with technology and for this we have to constantly be informed.

Crypto is the most trending issue in this era. So there must be all option of crypto to flow father to children.

It is really an important issue of thinking now. Days ago, I was researching about lost bitcoin. A noticeable number of lost bitcoin is caused for the lost of password of that bitcoin wallet. This is pathetic if my parents have bitcoin and there are no option to get their bitcoin after their death. Hope the respective authorities will take proper step in this regard.

Thanks for sharing important writing

This is very pathetic matter on internet. But it is more on crypto world than any other sector of internet. As access is one of the most important matter in crypto world, there must an alternative option for this subject you have shared.

Mportant aspect,and I am sure that many have not thought about this. Blessings

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