More than half of Europeans want to replace lawmakers with AI, study says - CNBC

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( May 27, 2021; CNBC )

LONDON — A study has found that most Europeans would like to see some of their members of parliament replaced by algorithms.

Researchers at IE University’s Center for the Governance of Change asked 2,769 people from 11 countries worldwide how they would feel about reducing the number of national parliamentarians in their country and giving those seats to an AI that would have access to their data.

The results, published Thursday, showed that despite AI’s clear and obvious limitations, 51% of Europeans said they were in favor of such a move.

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As far I know or thinks, the idea to replace MP by Algorithm system is ideal to use with an unbiased strategy . I think when the system will work under machines, automatically it will reduces the risks of other illegal actions. While in a manual system, not everyone gets the equal rights or justice.
But yeah, there may be some of the demerits of this system that may have some side effects as well.

 3 years ago 

China is actually going with the concept. They are developing an AI system that will help lawmakers make policies based on unbiased data analysis, rather than human emotion. When a policymaker needs to make an urgent decision in an ongoing, complex situation, the AI-powered system will be able to summon a range of options with recommendations for the best move in a matter of minutes.

Several prototypes of a diplomatic system using artificial intelligence are under development in China, according to researchers involved or familiar with the projects. One early-stage machine, built by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is already being used by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The ministry confirmed to the South China Morning Post that there was indeed a plan to use AI in diplomacy.
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Huh; I was just thinking about this recently, actually. Several years ago, I came across a post asking the question, "What would government look like if we designed it from a product development perspective?"

Certainly, replacing some decision makers with some algorithms is part of that.

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