Power Up For Grow : 3.5K SP, And the Next Target 10K on This Year

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Little by little I did power ups to strengthen my account, today I added 255 steem to power ups, my target at the end of the year is 10K. And now my Steem power is 3.5K, hopefully in the future I can do power ups again.

Below is proof I did a power up in the form of a wallet screenshot that I did some time ago.


On Process


Finally, I would like to say a thousand thanks to all the steemians who have supported me on this platform so that today I have collected 3.5K of steem power.

Note : Image source before editing link




Wowww so wonderful brother, I believe you can do it to goal 10,000 SP. 🎉🚀👍

I really hope to reach 10K by the end of this year, thank you @linlada639 for your support in each of my posts. Success for you and all Thai members.


Thank you brother for supporting us Steemians Thailand as well, Today, although I have little SP but I want to support everyone. Especially new users there are want to vote will give everyone encouragement. 🙏😃

U r welcome @linlada639. I hope that in the future I will be able to provide more for all communities.


Saya tak pernah meragukan anda, U can do it. 💪

Kunak komen hanjet bahasa nyan..
Sang bereh arti jih mnyo na tajak sikula

Bereh lom meunyo na tajak beut, jet takheun Ana nahnu nuhil mauka.


Hahahahaaa... Yg penteng guree bek teuwo ke murid


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