In a view of the waves along the coast & a separate view

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Hi Steemians... I went back on an adventure on a different occasion, very beautiful in my adventure.
Several pictures in two separate places, and this is fantastic in a view.
Another position is my characteristic in the education process for a perfection in my photography.
Some of those perfect moments are the result of a variety of ways by others, and this is a scene that is guided directly in several different focal points.
How about the results, take a look at some of my photography today, and hopefully we can enjoy together.


This is the picture of the waves hitting the rocks on the BlangMe beach, Location: Samudra Geudeong Pasee sub-district, northern Aceh.
Very special with the waves that hit the rocks, and the splashes of beautiful water caught my camera on this perfect occasion.
It was also seen with the color of the sea water which was very elegant with the blue color that I really enjoyed during the shooting process.
I do not stop here, also see some more pictures below that are very riveting.


It's very beautiful and a meaningful lesson in my photography, it is clear that nature invites us in millions of hidden beauties.
The location is still the same as the first picture, and the difference lies in the shooting / shooting side, and this is very clearly seen the difference with the first picture.
From a clear position the difference can be seen, in the first picture a little wider and broader, whereas in the second picture above the shooting / shooting is right on the collision of the waves with rocks,
It is also very clear that we can also see my focal point right at the head of the water that is breaking into a large rock, an extraordinary splash of water and a spark that slips like a splash of morning dew.


Next confirmation with the same place with a panorama that is not less than the previous picture from me.
Two different sides, but all are very beautiful with green sea water that is slightly visible,
I intentionally blurred the circumference and all was also very clear originality.


The next picture from my PhotoGraphy by aiming with some small wild animals.
This animal is not rare and probably in almost all locations there are wild animals like this.
There is also another atmosphere in this picture, that is the water looks very calm without any friction,
This atmosphere is also an intentional of me in the process of shooting.
Different from the bottom, of course the fish is different, that's the old saying that I remember now, and also see two more picture that is very beautiful.


It was very clear to see animals (crabs), this animal was especially close to my camera lens to be able to clearly see this type of sea animal, this animal we usually call crabs,
Species of wild animals specifically live on the rocks that are on the seashore, is not extraordinary is not it?
On this occasion I might also add that the satisfaction of getting some photography is very beautiful.
And another picture below is a moment that is very beautiful and very perfect with a simple momentum from me.
See the last picture from me with the same location, only my shot is different from the previous picture.


A natural view from the edge of the beach and this picture I took a little wider left and right and the straight front.
This last moment I did a shot when I wanted to go home, with accidental steps.
The purpose of the accidental step is when I look back, and see another scene that is so beautiful, with that state I immediately direct the camera to conquer the beauty of the panorama.

The perfection of an article must cover everything, not just writing and photo and don't forget to follow me

Look forward to other interesting posts from me.

{ I made this article ; Dated 17 - July 2020 , Darmawan }

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