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Knock knock... Who's there?

I don't remember what brought me here, but I sure do know where I was before the world went absolutely nuts
At one point in my life, I thought I could beat the evil, the monsters, and close the hole they come from
Sadly, that point in my life was not on point, I realized that when I figured out that I'm just another monster, coming from the same hole

Knock knock... So who's actually here?

I'm the lies, the mistakes, and the change, the new weapon; a non-destructive weapon
A laser light, an extreme pain, the spell that will turn the monsters into creative thinkers
Should you know who I am or should I know who you are?... It never mattered, let's just think together on how to stop being monsters

An Artist, a creature floating in space, trying to do things.

Until next time, stay better than you are, I will see you soon.

0 NoFace.jpg
Image source: my own creation, designed by your own; cutecuts


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