A Visit to the Tomb

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We went for the visit of a Tomb Located Near head Qadarabad Which is around 50 Kilometer away from my city. We traveled to the tomb by Motorcycle so it took us around 3 hours to reach there.

This Tomb belongs to the "Wali" known as "Nosho Pak".
Wali is Known for his good deeds and some special blessings.

Normally it takes only 1.25 hours to reach there if we go non stop, because we stopped at many places that's why it took 3 hours to reach there.

On our way to the tomb we were feeling hungry so we stopped at the Restaurant called Dhaba in our local language. Name of the Restaurant was "Fresh Fish". This Dhaba is known for his Special taste when it comes to Fish.

We ordered 7kg of Silver Fish as i told you in my previous posts that it's my favourite fish type. In no Time the fish was ready to eat. Here we go



Do you have water in your mouth? Hahaha definitely you do have.
Tomato Ketchup is a must thing to be used With Fish. The fish was very tasty and delicious.

After Finishing we paid the Bill which was around 3000 Pkr in the Pakistani Currency. In US dollars its around 17$. What a great deal we have got in just 17$. Its a good deal, isn't it?

After that we started traveling towords the Destination, in few minutes we reached the Tomb. There we offered Prayer.
After that we took few selfies.
Look Her




We had fun there, it was a great day.

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