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Yes, 4th July - the day of Independence!

Steem forks are gaining momentum these days. Steem recently gave birth to Hive and microblogging app ReBuzz too.

On the coming 4th July, other two forks of Steem are being launched with airdrops to all Steemians.
These are:

  1. Blurt and
  2. Zapata

Note: Zapata & Voice logo are used for representational purpose only. They are not the exact official logos

These forks were planned to become a neutral community and not to take sides of warring factions of Steem & Hive. So initially Blurt planned to owner property rights of everyone and not to exclude any wallet from the airdrop.

But community discussions lead to two forks.

Now Zapata is airdropping to all Steem wallets as per your STEEM balance on the pre-HF-23 snapshot date on 20th May, 2020. Blurt is airdropping too to everyone except Steemit or Sun.

Blurt will be experimenting and devising new methodologies to strengthen dPoS consensus after its launch.Zapata is eyeing to snatch Instagram's market share and audience starting with its pilot project in Nigeria.

Dubbing it to be Instagram killer won't be appropriate at this time.

That's how Voice was dubbed as Steemit killer or Steemit 2.0, It is also launching now on 4th of July.

Well, to correct myself, Voice is already working in USA market since Feb 14, 2020.

Now Voice is launching worldwide on 4th of July. This time without the need for KYC (though biometric identification hash will be used).

Will it be a Steemit-killer?

However, Blurt and Zapata are very affectionate and of very loving nature. They don't use such violent language as Voice. They are taking a collaborative route. Their eyes are set on getting a pie of 46 billion social media revenue. Facebook itself has 2.45 billion monthly active users. So why keep fighting among a few thousand people in this space.

Yes, they got a point!

Honestly, I like their approach and attitude. Although they split and forked even before launching their fork, they deserve our support.

What we have to lose? Market is huge and we can all co-exist. So the onus of extending a little support for appreciating the value of the airdrop we receive, lies on us too.

What do you say, guys? 😉


The pre-hard fork amount you say. That’s nice. I’ll look forward to that!

thanks for new info! good luck

You're welcome :)

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