STEEM is trading at 15% discount on Binance and Bittrex. Go grab it! :)steemCreated with Sketch.

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Are you still looking for selling your liquid STEEM?

I just sold at about 3500 satoshis on Huobi.

Yes, I got a good premium over Binance & Bittrex prices. The prices dropped after these exchanges decided to suspend deposits & withdrawals for STEEM wallet. Currently it's hovering between 2800 - 2900 sats only.

I was fortunate to move my STEEM to Huobi before these exchanges suspended their wallets.

I also sold my SBDs for about $1.20 a piece on Bittrex just before the wallet suspension.

I checked up with all Exchanges and found that prices of STEEM are at a good premium over Bittrex & Binance. Huobi has comparatively lower volume than Upbit & Bithumb but its where I have an account. Huobi STEEM/BTC market has a volume of over $2M. So being a small fish, I need not concern much about the volume. :)

Those who got stuck on Binance & Bittrex, I'd suggest to buy BTC and then convert to your favourite coin. No point in keeping STEEM there (unless you are looking for BLURT airdrop).

So for those looking for acumulating STEEM, Binace & Bittrex may sound better options, if you're willing to wait for its withdrawal a little.


Thanks for information. Now, Binance has open Steem Deposit and withdrawal.

Thank you for this important news, thanks xyzashu

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