LAKSHMI : Join Community for Wealth and Happiness

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LAKSHMI : Join Community for Wealth and Happiness

I am very happy to announce that we created a community for our happiness and wealth.


LAKSHMI : Goddess of Wealth & Good Fortune (in INDIA called लक्ष्मी)

L : Learner's
A : Association with
K : Knowledge,
S : Support and
H : Honesty for
M : Money
I : Investment


A Group for all crypto enthusiastic persons, whatever the minnow, dolphins, whales etc. Those who desire to want & give something to this community/group. Everyone is welcome to join the group. No restrictions. You can post everything in group, which has some Information, Pictures, Videos, Audios etc.

The group is created basically for empowering the new steemians with the help and support of old steemians.


  1. To get a upvote from community use proper tag.
  2. All posts in community will get daily upvote - one vote one person.
  3. Currently, admin will provide upvote.
  4. Request from all group members that, please do not downvote any member's post. If you have some feedback, report to mod/admin.


The First 100 LAKSHMI community subscribers will get 100% upovte from admin( @mehta ) on their first post in community. After subscribing try to post your first community post within 5 days to get 100% upvote.

It will be better, if you will comment on this post after joining the LAKSHMI community.

So, what you are waiting join and start activity in community fast....

How to Join Community

Click on this LAKSHMI community link, this will open a page like this.


You have to click on image.png button to join the community. After that you will see window like this.


How to Post in Community

Now, you can click on image.png button to post a post through community. Please take care while you are finally posting the post, the screen top will show like this.


Please take care of #tags while posting.

Enjoy the Community LAKSHMI

Footer mehta.gif


I would like to collaborate as a moderator in order to grow the Indian community

It is our pleasure to appoint you as a moderator. You are working nicely at steem platform. You can contact me on discord with DM on @mehta.

Greetings @ mehta, thanks for sharing the information I will be glad to be part of the community.

You got a 47.60% upvote from @minnowvotes courtesy of @mehta!

I am the latest member to join, I join yesterday and right now am looking for contest to write about. Nice meeting everyone here. Let's share ideas and fun.

Thank you for inviting me., I joined.
Here is my first article (text uniqueness 100%):

Article on the benefits of cannabis for the elderly

Hi @mehta I have just subscribed to the community and will publish my first post shortly. Thanks.

Thanks @alokkumar121 for joining the LAKSHMI community. You are awesome.
Whenever you feel comfortable you can post on any topic.

@mehta Good afternoon, thank you very much for welcoming the community, I like to be an active member, I already sent my first post. I am going to invite all my friends to join this beautiful community.


Your most welcome in Community LAKSHMI. Hope you enjoy your journey with steemit.

Thank you very much do mentioned me thank God.

I am indeed pleased to be here🙏

Joined this Community Yesterday. Really nice to see an Indian Community in Steemit. Love to contribute in this community by posting good content.

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