I am waiting for the day when I'll power up my steem account.

in LAKSHMI5 months ago


Every month's first day becomes special for our crypto based social media platform. People power up on this day as it gives a great confidence and encouragement to power up own account. Power up means staking of #steem tokens with own account. Staking gives lots of benefit such as it increases our Resources credites which is necessary for the power to post and comments. It also increases our curation rewards and we also get interest on staked tokens. So, it has lots of benefit and no harm. That's why I am staking tokens with my accounts every month.

Staking helped me to accumulate #steempower. I powered down as well when I needed money for my needs. I am hoping to increase my staking tokens more and more every month. Staking is good. So, keep it up.

With love from @erica005.

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