I am back and ready to power up on the day first of the next month.

in LAKSHMI8 months ago


I am writing any post after a long gap. I had been busy with my work and also went on a small tour with my friends. I don't use internet when I am with my friends and enjoying my life with family. I prefer to give them more time than to spend time on net which makes me sick as this world is full of bad things.

Now, I am back and enjoying some freee time. I am also busy during the last days of the month and the first week of every month as during this time I make strategy to power up my account. I am going to power up my #steem account once again on 1st day of the next month. I think it is necessary to keep this platform live and it also increases the value of our native token, apart from bringing more chances of curation rewards. Overall its a win win situation. Powering up helps my account to grow. Are you going to power up your account too?

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