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Hi everyone,

My friend Kelly told me that Artificial Intelligence is going to take our job. It is tending towards perfection. She said that chatgpt is the latest thing that can even chat with us and write codes that is exactly like coding done by professionals. It is alarming situation if it is true. I am not a programmer so I have no tension. But, if the programmers lose their job, other sectors will also suffer as these jobless fellows will try to change their job and it will create a big situation for those who are unskilled. Someday it may be possible that an AI will write these posts which I am writing. It will help me but it will be a cheating with the community. We have no option but to see what future brings for us.


One thing is sure that the future will be totally different from the present. But, one thing cannot change and that is powering up my account on the very first day of the month. I powered up my account once again in this month. This gives me lots of satisfaction and confidence. Slowly it will make me rich some day and I don't have to care about finding a job or searching for the way to live happily. It is not sure when will I be successful. But, this platform and friends like you will definitely help me to reach my goals.

Have a nice time ahead and take care.

With love from @erica005

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