Happy new year to all!

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So the year 2022 ended and we have entered in a new year which number is 2023. Our planet has completed its revolution around its star and one of such point has been marked as the beggining of a new year. This is the reality of life. However, we are the living creature and also consider ourselves intelligent. So, we celebrate so that the celebration may give us happiness and new hope. Last few years have been very bad for most of us. Corona virus outbreak killed millions of people and still killing. I hope 2023 will be different and will bring happiness, health and prosperity for all of us.

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We can't be certain about the outcome of our deeds and life. But, one thing is clear and that is love and affection towards our friends and relatives and caring of other living beings should be our top priority. It can make this world a happy place for us. Celebrations fill us with hope, joy and happiness. So, I also celebrated the new year eve and on the first day of the year enjoyed holiday as it is Sunday as well. I #powered up my #steem acount with a little steem power. It is not much but gives me a hope that I am increasing my holdings and some day it will bring a good fortune for me.

I wish a very happy, healthy and a nice new year for everyone in this world. Have a wonderful year 2023.
Love you all


Für dich auch ein FROHES NEUES JAHR erica005 🤗

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