Expectations Vs Reality

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Life is strange folks

We enter every stage of life with certain expectations,
however things often turn out quite differently. This is very true in every aspect of life.

Job scene sucks at some stage

Specially if your boss or supervisor decides to give you a tough time,
He would do every thing to make things difficult for you.

On the contrary if you have a good boss you bloom but you are not always lucky to have a good boss.

So you slog it out and save for a rainy day. Then crypto comes along giving you hope and you put your money into crypto thinking it to be a good investment which it actually is.

Then things go bad Terra luna fails so does it its stable coin.
#C happens and FTX collapses.
Where does it leave the common folks who put their lives savings into crypto.

We are back to square one

Crypto trends are cyclic in nature understood but if it keeps eroding and erasing the portfolio's of common people then they woud have not much choice but scrub floors and start from scratch.
Not everyone is young or in a position of seeing and being at the receiving end of a financial crash.

Worst of all

These debacles in the crypto world would be seen by those in the government and the central banks to say crypto is a scam or we need to regulate it.
As if there are no scams in in fiat world or no bribes being paid.


Reality will always beat expectation mate. One thing though mate, although i can relate to losses in crypto, i believe it is or it must be common sense to not invest one's entire life savings into crypto or into any sort of "not stable" or "not thoroughly researched" potential investment. And i can relate about the bad boss stuff, its like the only way he/she can get her/his life out of boredom is to make yours hell. In the end, just accept, endure, and wait.

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