Alien art of Steem is moving to HIVE / Come get some ALIEN HONEY

in Alien Art Hive4 years ago (edited)


These last few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind, with the recent announcement of the HIVE fork (announcement here), along with everyone else on steem I have had to think about what my priorities are and how I see the future of this chain. As sad as I am to see what has happened with steem, I think this new fork is a blessing and I am very excited to see how we can fare without the dreaded STINC ninja mine hanging over our heads!

Starting on Friday the majority of the community on chain activity will be moved to, it is likely that I will make a few more posts on this side to let people know what's happening as I have a feeling there are people who aren't paying attention and may be out of the loop.

In the end the strength of our community will determine the fate of both chains, so I hope many of you will be coming along for the HIVE ride though I fully respect the decision of those who stay.

Alien Honey / Alien Art Hive

Luckily community names aren't currently fixed on chain so that allows some flexibility! I am undecided on the new name but I am gravitating towards Alien Art Hive or Alien Honey... I am open to other suggestions however so please drop some in the comments if you have them :)

If you have any questions about how the new fork will work feel free to ask in the comments or in the discord which is linked below in the footer. I will pin this post and update with links to the new community URL when things are up and running.

Thanks for being awesome and inspiring and I'll see you on the other side 👽

Join the Alien art of Steem community and come get weird!


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Good news!

I love the idea of "Alien Honey" :)
Where Honey represents the food (art) we share to the bees (users) of the hive, and where its flavor is Alien of course :D
And it sounds good ;)

 4 years ago 

Thanks for your input! There are so many small details to settle this week but everyone seems to like Alien Honey 😂 for the sake of the community search on discord I need to keep art in the name but hopefully that won't be an issue forever !

 4 years ago 

lovin the honey! See you in the HIVE : ) x x x

 4 years ago 

Thanks Basil, see you there!

 4 years ago 

the Alien Art Hive needs lots of psychoactive Alien Honey.

 4 years ago 

It looks very psychoactive and radioactive 👽

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