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RE: My Chess Game Collection #89. King's Pawn Opening: King's Knight, Konstantinopolsky Variation

in The Chess Community4 years ago (edited)

Oh, so you finally inserted a pgn file ...
However, do you see the numeration is not really corect?
It may help if you add HTML tags:

  • At the beginning of the numeration/notation <p> and
  • At the end of the numeration/notation </p>.

Otherwise the editor adds own numbers as it 'thinks' you wanted to make a list.

Concerning the game, you played well in the center again, but 12. Nxe5?? of your opponent is a rather 'funny' move ... :)


I added what I you requested. Let me know if it is better

Yes, it seems to be correct now! :)

I added what I
You requested. Let me know
If it is better

                 - marcusantoniu26

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