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RE: My Chess Game Collection #87. Nimzowitsch Defense: Kennedy, Linksspringer Variation

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Nice game with active center play! :)

What I noticed:

  • After 3. ... Nd4 white should play 4. c3 to cath the knight!
  • After 15. b4 you can play 15. ... dxe4! as the rook at d8 attacks the white queen!
  • Even better than 19. ... Bxh2+ would have been 19. ... Qg5, and the white bishop is lost.
  • Instead of 25. Nh1 white may try 25. f4.
  • Instead of 29. ... fxg3 you could have checkmated in two moves: 29. ... Qxh1+ 30. Kf2 Rh2#.

Here I stopped watching, as anyway your postion was clearly won.

Actually, a proper pgn file would easier to watch (as one can import it into any chess data base) than an animated gif which one cannot stop when some thinking is required.


Thanks for watching and analyzing. It encourages me to play more! I have never used a pgn file. I will see if I can place one in my next post, but I would like to know how you open such a file.

I would like to know how you open such a file.

A normal text editor does the job, but of course the best way is to use any chess software to open it as an easy way to replay a chess game.

For more information read here. :)

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