The Only Place You Can Find Happiness

in Curie10 months ago


What is happiness to you? Most of us are on a quest for what we don't know or truly understand. You can't know where to find happiness until you define what happiness is to you. Most of us on this quest for happiness are looking for other people's definition of happiness - not ours. That is why we always have this feeling of unsatisfaction within us despite our many exploits and accomplishments and it's making us feel quite miserable.

Some of us have been told that happiness could be found in a good job, a good relationship, partying, philanthropy, having multiple sexual partners, religion, etc. We've engaged and some of us are still engaging in some of these things but we are finding ourselves feeling very miserable and unhappy. "Where then can we find this happiness?" We've asked ourselves several times but the answer doesn't seem to be forth coming.

Look, if you must find happiness, there's only one place that you can find it in this life: and that one place is "within yourself." You will never know what happiness is to you until you look within you yourself. Happiness is a feeling that's connected to our emotions, but that emotion has to be triggered by something. You have to look within you so that you can find out that something that can trigger the happiness emotion in you and make you feel satisfied once accomplished.

Your happiness is your own definition and you have to find out what it is if you're going to enjoy a happy life. We all can be happy and our happiness are in our hands: not in the hands of someone else. But we have to find out that thing that stirs happiness in US and lavish it on ourselves.

Thanks for your time.