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RE: Kaleidoscoping with things, not toilet paper

in OnChainArt4 years ago

I am watching Castelvania now and the art looks like it could be a magical emblem :) I agree with the not going to buy something to avoid people assuming you are one of "those" I do the same with many things, like not asking for seconds although I am hungry.


a magical emblem

That it is.

Castelvania? Any good? Not Castlevania? Are those same series? Netflix keeps suggesting me Castlevania and I chose El Chapo instead of that. And new season of Peaky Blinders. And Better Call Saul. After that I think it's time to watch the latest season of Altered Carbon.

I like it, the episodes aren't too long and the story is really good actually. Glad to find something worth watching again. :)

Perhaps I'll try that too. Some day. :)

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