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Another night of sketches. I've always wanted to get good at just mindlessly doodling from imagination. I still need to work on my visual library. It's one of those things that deteriorates really fast if you don't practice constantly. Since I jump around so much in the type of art I make it can be hard to move far in one direction.


For this guy I was imagining some sort of evil space soldier. Like he's the general that's got waaaay too much blood on his hands and stopped caring about wrong or right decades ago. Now it's just kill or be killed.


Umm, and here we have a somber orc.


Also a lady with a head wrap...yea like I said, just doodling without any prior though really. This is what came out.

For you artists out there, are you still using the old Steemit? Because it's time to step into the new age of COMMUNITIES!

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I never get tired of sketchbooks, @midlet. These are great. I've been trying to make time to just play in the sandbox lately, too.

Thanks @kommienezuspadt! I'm looking forward to Copper Coins. Would also love to see your playtime sketches!

It makes me want to sketch again. I never find the time, but perhaps it will be nice to break up some of my writing :)

Same here

I'll convert all of you to art posters in due time. The master plan is in motion >:)

You will regret it... ;D

great job!!!

wow, I'm speachless... I absolutely love the way you sketch, your lines have so much "life" it's amazing!

You never fail.

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