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There's been so much going on lately that I've been having trouble trying to figure out how to post about it all. I ultimately decided that all these things need multiple posts, but I will give a brief overview here.

  • Communities are LIVE on Steemit and SteemPeak!
  • OCD and OnChainArt Collaboration
  • Crossposting Feature on SteemPeak
  • My Official Involvement with OpenSeed

So in this post I'll talk about the first three because they're related, but the OpenSeed stuff needs its own post.

Since Communities went into Beta I've been all over them. I was one of the first to make a Community and I've been SUPER excited about it this entire time. Awesomely enough, the @steempeak peeps reached out to me a while back and I've been collaborating and testing their version of Communities as well for about a month and I'm so excited about where things are at with that and what it looks like. So in this post, I want to reintroduce OnChainArt.

So specifically with OCA, if you aren't experiencing this community on SteemPeak, you're not really getting the full experience. Since the Beta opened I've been suggesting features and SteemPeak has integrated many of the things I wanted.


  • An only image view
  • A header image and Community avatar
  • I described it differently, but basically the cross-posting feature
  • Community Discord integration


Plus a ton of other bells and whistles that are awesome. So check out OnChainArt on SteemPeak and get a real taste of where communities can go.


As stated in @acidyo's recent post, OCA will be the third Community collaborating with OCD. So as soon as I learn how to(lol) I'll be nominating awesome posts for OCD upvotes. OCD will also be keeping an eye out for OCA posts shared from SteemPeak to twitter to continue their #posh (Proof of Sharing) initiative.

In short, post into OCA on SteePeak, use the #posh tag, share that post to twitter using the SteemPeak link, comment under your post with a link to twitter. I'll do it on this post if you're still confused.

The big deal about this is that I didn't want artists to feel like they had to post in the OCD community to be eligible for those votes. After addressing these concerns to @acidyo, he was kind enough to bring OCA into the fold so that Communities can fulfill their purpose and help you connect with the content you want to see.

Cross-Posting on SteemPeak

So one of the biggest features that SteemPeak has rolled out is Cross-Posting. Under the hood what's happening is when you cross-post into a community you create a new post with the account doing the crosspost. 90% of the rewards go to the original author, 5% go to the Community you're posting into and 5% goes to you.

This incentivises honest sharing of relevant content, but you're pretty safe from people abusing this because now with Communities, abusers can be muted and so can their posts. So if anyone is trying to abuse this system they can be taken out pretty quickly. Unfortunately this currently ONLY works on Steempeak so on other frontends is just looks like an empty post with a link to the original post inside.


Hopefully other frontends will adopt this so as it is incredibly powerful and fun! If you were following OCA in the beta you may have seen my #steemartarchives posts where I would dig up old posts from Steem yesteryear and repost them via the @onchainart account, while giving the original authors the rewards. Well now I think I'll mostly just do this with the cross-posting feature. I might still do it the old way until other frontents get on board, but at this point, I'm pretty exclusively SteemPeak, and I suggest you view this Community there.


So I haven't had time to do much with the OCA Discord, but it exists. Jump in there and get to know some peeps. I'll eventually add FAQ's and places where people can share posts, get advice, ask questions etc. You can join it here:

In the past something like 24-48 hours, the amount of Subs for OCA has doubled and it's still going up. Who will be the first Community to 10k Subs? I'll be shooting to make it OCA. Help me out and give it a follow/subscribe.

I'm sure I'm forgetting a ton, I'm a little scattered at the moment, but I'm looking forward to 2020. This is our year Steem!

See you all in the next post.


Great!!! I am currently creating something to be my first post in the OCA community, and from now on I will try to publish all my posts in this community... as artists or in my case a novice in full learning we must support each other and make Our art community is one of the most important. <3 <3 <3

Long live OCA!!!

Glad to hear it @yanes94! Glad to have you :)

Ohhh thank you very much!!! <3 <3 <3

Great to see them live finally. Now I just have to find out how it all works. I have posted to onchainart but I would also like to have it show up in my personal blog. Is that possible? I figure it has something to do with crossposting but there's so much to learn. Looking forward to being more active in the onchaainart community.

Hi @ammonite, you just need to resteem your own post to have it show up on your blog. No crossposting necessary for that. :)

Thanks Very much. Will do that.

Also just realized I totally forgot to share this to twitter haha.

I really like the new Communities design, and being able to subscribe to and participate in communities. While Steem Tribes have been an interesting thing, I like the design of communities even more. I'll be making this community my main Steem home for my art.

Sweet, looking forward to seeing some cool stuff @cosmicart :)

I use to post in ntopaz but since, sadly, ntopaz stoped services in Steem, Onchainart will be my main community.
Thanks for your iniciative!

Awesome! Glad to hear it @doze.

Communities offer so much potential. I hope Communities can build a following and presence and work hard to attract people into Steem.

Ease of use is going to be key. Hopefully there won't be too much divergence in how they work between different interfaces.

It is very good to see OCD supporting OCA.

Having some useful curation power is certainly going to help Communities grow.

Agreed @pennsif. As to our previous conversation about Marketing, NOW I feel it makes some sense to start marketing :)

The time is now...

yay! much success to this community

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You've come a long way since being that noob I met oh so very long ago, @midlet. Be sure to make time so you can kick back and enjoy your accomplishments as well. Good luck.

Thanks sensei @nonameslefttouse, haha. In all seriousness though probably wouldn't have stuck around back then if not for peeps like you so keep doing your thing for the next generation :)

I shall do my best, kind sir.

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