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With this comment in mind from @bobinsoneilen on the discord...
"Insaneworks, the branding guidelines is going to take a while. I would think you can use it without altering the logo. ie, don't paint in BLACK etc :) After all its a community property and all of us owns it."

...I dared to do a kaleidoscopic mandalabrot of the HIVE logo. Shoot me if I did wrong and misbehaved terribly. I hear @galenkp has guns and can shoot. And that he's coming to Finland in the summer. So if anyone sends Steem or the hives to him so that he will to do a job for them, I know to avoid any meetings.

Besides, @tarazkp already did this:
And @bidesign this:

So I think I'm good. Go and get them first so I have time to run and save my ass.

Here's where I got the logo:

Kaleidoscopic mandalabrot. It's a new name I invented to my thingy thing artsy (f)art.


Oops! I didn't mean it look like a corona virus. It's the colors. So not my fault. Didn't paint it black though!


Okay, happy now? Now it only looks like some Russian grandma cross-stitched this traditional figure. And a multi million dollar company took it and attached their logo around it.


I'm going to migrate to Hive. Obviously. But I will keep posting here too. Cross posts I guess. And in every post I state that I have moved my ass from here to HIVE because of Justin Suns actions. And I hope the person reading my post, will follow me. If there still are people who do not know what has been going on and what will happen on Friday.

And I hope all those who also are planning on migrating to Hive, do come back here occasionally to see if there are any lost people wandering around and wondering where everybody went. Gasping for free air, drowning in censorship. Take their hand and pull them to safety. To HIVE.

You do know ways to go around the Steemit censoring posts about hive? You don't? Here's few tips.

  • Write something, take a screen capture of that text and publish that to your blog.
  • Do not use HIVE tag. Use STEEM tag. Or anything ordinary. Make your post look like not about HIVE.
  • Use your alts.
  • Write a short message in obvious "code language". For instance:

Continuing my futile ramblings
On behalf of all my personalities
Me, myself and I, looking to the
East, laughing and waiting for suns move.

Thought that this place turned too
Ominous and left to

Happier, better, more
Informative place
Valid fo those who speak the truth. So
Exited about this new thing!

Hi five, see you in HIVE!


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Yes Your creations looks like cross-stiches because of the pattern you made.

Taraz made some nice patterns that I saw.

Galen will make a hive logo with bullets i think. =P

I have edited my post after I saw branding guidelines.

I think you didn't have to change your creation. I don't think they actually care. :)

Galen will make a hive logo with bullets i think. =P

@galenkp I see there's a challenge here!

Not a lot I can't make with bullets. I'm resourceful.

Anything...It's all about imagination.

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