PopArt Cat or My digital experiments

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Hi friends!

I was going to make my first post in the community and immediately surprise you with how cool I draw, he-he!
But my computer once again crashed...
Therefore, I had to use a completely different drawing program, which was on my laptop.
This was ArtRage.
I had never worked in this graphic programm before.
Well, I propose to get to know each other together.
Is it interesting for you?

What is to draw to get meeting with the program?
Something not very difficalt...
Once I came across an interesting drawing on the Internet - a portrait of a lion painted in separate color strokes.
It seemed fascinating to me, and now I will try to repeat it.
But I’ll draw not a lion, but a cat.

Кот Поп-арт.jpg

If you have never seen Art Rage interface, then it looks like this
Left - a palettes of layers and tools, right - tool options and color ring
Sorry, my program version on Russian, because I'll be make a screens


I take a Pencil tool with standard settings and sketch the cat’s head.

Кисть Карандаш.jpg

Then I select a brush that imitates strokes of oil paint - Brush Oil

Кисть масло.jpg

and begin to scatter colored spots in different parts of the cat's face.


When the entire contour of the muzzle is filled with colorful strokes,


I draw the cat's eyes with Pen tool - this tool gives clear lines that are not smeared.

Кисть Перо.jpg


I draw a mustache with the same tool
In order to brighten up the cat portrait, I create a new layer below the portrait layer and fill it with black.



The head is beautiful, but it seemed to me not enough!
And I draw a chest portrait - with the same colors, with the Brush Oil


Then I wanted to make a texture background, because just black color is too boring.
I took Roller tool

Кисть Валик.jpg

and made several wide multidirectional brush strokes in different directions.
It looked like parchment, didn't it?


Finally, I drew a magnificent tail for the cat.
And to make the work look finished and more picturesque, with the same Brush Oil I share an imitation of small splashes of colored spots of paint around the entire cat.


It remains to make a crop and save the image for Web publishing (I forgot to mark the picture by my logo... oops!)

Кот Поп-арт.jpg

This was my first art experiment in the Art Rage program.
I liked it, and I intend to continue in the same vein!
I hope you enjoy this colorful cat too))

Have a nice and creative day!




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