My new painting flowers

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Hi friends!

Last weekend I drew again in ArtRage.
And in my digital painting collection added some one flowers.
Flowers are the most suitable object for pastel painting.
In addition, I wanted to do an experiment with pastel shading like can do it in traditional pastel art.
Isn't that a pretty?


Created new file like last tutorial

Документ для нарциссов.jpg

I choosed Tiny Grain preset for canvas and deep blue color

Фон для нарциссов.jpg

Sketch with Pencil tool (preset Heavy and Smooth, with auto-smoothing strokes)

Скетч карандаш для нарциссов.jpg


Preset Medium Pastel_Wax for Pastel tool

Настройки Пастели для нарциссов.jpg

I didn't create a color palette in this case, just pick colors intuitively.


For drawing a pastel background I used the same preset, but reduce pressure option till 5%

Снизить давление для фона_нарциссы.jpg

to achieve realistic strokes


At the last stage, I clarified with individual strokes the heart-shaped colors and shadows on the petals.
I think it's fine result, isn't it?


In almost the same way, I drew these beautiful red orchids


but I used an another canvas

Настройка полотна для Орхидей.jpg

and another preset of Pastl tool - option "Chalk"

Пастель для орхидеи_мел.jpg




Ready drawing


I hope you'll like my drawing flowers.
Have a nice day and stay safe!



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