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RE: Hi, and yeh....

in Stars3 years ago

**this I stand by:

Dear @kgakakillerg my friend and faithful leader:

The Stars community is my true home here on steemit, and I think you KG will trust me when I say I am loyal to my commitment to this great and growing community.

Therefore my first apology goes to you KG

My second apology goes to @owasco

***as I whole, however, I fully renounce this post and would like to have deleted it

 3 years ago 

This is still going on?

I'd walk away. No need to apologize to me, I don't know why you keep doing it.

Is this art? Maybe it's art. I'm going with art. You do have a very original mind.

No it's all as resolved as can be

He apologized. I apologized.

Kind words were spoken between us.

I'm completely over it except some residual feelings of regret.

Thanks for the compliment on the creativity

Sorry to ping ye

I was quoting you incidentally and in an attempt actually to renounce the post in its entirety

But also renewing my commitment to the words quoted therein

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