Who's your favourite movie star what's your favourite film

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Hello everyone let's have some fun you can create a post or and leave answers in the comments section it's your choice

Ok so who's your favourite movie star and also what's your favourite film of all time I'm going to give all commenters a upvote to the value of $0.02 to $0.03 with my main account

If you make a post I will also give you a upvote on your post

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Big thanks in advance to everyone who takes part loads more posts like this to come

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 3 years ago 

Movie star - Robert Di Niro

Movie - All Quentin Tarantino movies

Great actor and a great movie 🎥

hola @colmena-156383, mi favorita El Padrino con Marlon Brando, es una actuación memorable.

 3 years ago 

@colmena-156383 me gusta Troya Inspirada en la iliada espectacular película ,Donde mi actor favorito Brat pitt representa el semi Dios de la guerra !! Aquiles !!!!

Thanks for replying I hope that you will start posting in the star's community soon

 3 years ago 

I like movies..mr.been because he's funny.

I do love mr bean he's very funny 😂

 3 years ago 

I love movies as well
Vin diesel is my favorite actor

Great choice thanks for the reply feel free to start posting in the star's community

 3 years ago 

Thank you

 3 years ago 

My favorite movie is "Back to the Future" and my favorite actor is "Johnny Depp" all my life I have liked him.

Love that movie watched that so much when I was younger and great actor great choices ⭐

 3 years ago 

Wow it's really hard to say expecially when each of them have so many characters unique to the part they played at this moment and time.

When you are ready leave your answer here you can also make a post about it in the star's community

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