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Turn The Lights On!

Why are the lights out in this warehouse and who's the idiot that didn't place the light switch right next to the entrance?

A new game will start as soon as we have enough players. Please sign up in the replies section below.


This is sort of a board game and in its current rendition can take up to 12 players at a time. It will require daily participation. If you are interested in playing, please sign up as a reply to this post. The first 12 players to sign up get to participate. The game will begin approximately 24 hours after this post goes up unless there are less than 3 players signed up, in which case it may be postponed.


  • Each player will have ONLY 2 actions per turn with a limit of 1 move (even if they win a bonus action, that action can't be an extra move). An action is a move of 1 space, a trade with another player in the same square, an offensive action (fighting), picking up an item or attacking a chest.
  • Once the lights are on, players may move as many times as they have actions.
  • Zombies and items are scattered around the building. (No spawning zombies, and they will move/attack only after they have been found.)
  • Chests contain a double-damage chit that can be used during this game only (1 action to pick up and used by stating when you wish it to apply).
  • Hearts can be used to regain 1 health point (1 action to pick up and used by stating when you wish it to apply without costing an additional action).
  • Traps do 1 damage and end your current turn (you get your normal turn the next day).

Runners (R) can move 2 squares per action.
Walkers (W) and Hulks (H) can move one square per action.
ALL zombies get just 1 action per turn and will move towards noise made by the players or those in sight. All zombies will inflict 1 damage to players if they make a successful hit and can only fight if they are in the same square as a player.

  • If a player is in the same square as a zombie, they MUST engage in combat and cannot run away.
  • Runners and walkers can be killed with a successful hit using a weapon that does 1 damage (or 2 bare-handed hits).
  • The hulk requires 2 damage points to kill it (multiple hits with less powerful weapons will kill it).

Players can take 3 hits before they die. Dead players will re-spawn at the starting square and lose all their inventory except a bat.

Please pay attention to the moves that have transpired before you, so that your choices are based upon facts as they are and not as they were before (the people that played before you, just altered the situation).


  • Roll your own dice (D6) to see if your attack(s) are successful. Rolls of 1-3 fail and 4-6 are successful.
  • Bare hands (melee only) can do only half a point of damage (so it takes 2 successful hits to kill a 1-point enemy).
  • Baseball bats do 1 damage. Bats are melee-only weapons and are standard issue to all players.


  • This game does not use searches.


  • Zombies do not spawn in this game.

Player actions

Each player will announce their intended actions in the replies to each daily post.
Tell me your player number and what you intend to do. If you are unsuccessful, you may suggest an alternate action rather than attempting a 2nd time.

For example: Player 3; move west; bat the zombie found (rolled 4 and did 1 damage).
Alternatively: Player 3; bat the zombie in my square (rolled 1 and missed); try again (rolled 5 and inflicted 1 damage).
In both cases, player 3 made 2 actions and their turn is over. (PLEASE NOTE that players may only move ONCE per turn while the lights are off.)

Trading between a pair of players (both must be in the same square) may include any number of items in 1 transaction but still only counts as 1 action by 1 player (the player initiating the trade).
Players are free to collaborate and plan their strategies; this is a cooperative game.

Additional twist: Before each player takes their daily turn, roll a D20 to see if you get any bonus. Please note that the bonus must be used during the CURRENT TURN. If you do not specify to which action you wish to apply the bonus, it will be applied to your first action where applicable.


I will update the board with new player positions and zombie positions for the next day's play.

The object of the game is to turn on the lights and to kill off any remaining zombies (if they are not too far away).




Tagging players @halemaster, @adnanibrahim, @pbock, @agr8buzz, @erikaflynn, @aussieninja, @pandorasbox, @goose20, @paulag, @hasnain06, @foodforfun, @rayne122, @dksart, @knightofzero, @shifat, @justatouchfey, @adenijiadeshina, @andre-verbrick, @mariita52, @bashadow, @nextgen622, @zacherybinx, @cyber.explorer, @hhayweaver, @improv, @badpupper, @simplegame, @holybread, @stever82, @mannaman, @amaillo, @jfang003, @luizeba, @wlffreitas, @shani.chaudhary, @secret-art, to let you know that a new game is about to begin. Let me know if you want to be taken off the list.

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