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MINEFIELD - 2 Hive Basic Income prizes!

New game starting as soon as we have enough players. Please sign up in the replies section below with the column number you want to start in.

This is sort of a board game and can take up to 12 players at a time. It will require daily participation. If you are interested in playing, please sign up as a reply to this post. The first 12 players to sign up get to participate. If there are less than 12 players signed up after 24 hours of this post going up, it will either begin with those players or be postponed if less than 3 sign up.


The game board

There are 10 columns, each containing 2 land-mines. The columns are numbered 1 to 10 in smaller-font numbers.

There are 10 rows. The top row contains some Hive icons. These are the objectives you want to reach.

The bottom row is the starting row where players begin their mission.

Between the top and bottom rows are 8 rows numbered with larger-font numbers. These rows will move daily based on a roll of a single 6-sided dice. Row 1 will move UP by the same number of rows as was rolled on the dice, pushing ALL other rows upwards along with it. When a row reaches the top, it will fall back down to the bottom. To visualize this, think of the icons on a slot machine and how they are printed onto a drum that rotates. As the drum rotates, you get to see the icons printed on the side facing you, but not what is on the backside. In this case, you get to see the entire drum flattened out, similar to how they flatten out the world map.


Each player will be equipped with an axe and have 1 action per day. An action is a move of 1 space, picking up an objective or an attack on another player.

Players may move in any direction within the grid (including at an angle) and choose which column they wish to start from.

The maximum number of players within a square is two and you must be in the same square to attack another player.

Each player can take 3 damage points. If you move onto a land-mine or a land-mine lands on your square, you suffer 1 damage. If another player hits you with their axe, you suffer 2 damage points.

Players that suffer all 3 damage points will re-spawn back at the starting line with full health and get their daily move from the starting-line column of their choice. (Re-spawn and move.)

Please pay attention to the moves that have transpired before you, so that your choices are based upon facts as they are and not as they were before (the people that played before you, just altered the situation).

New players can enter the game at any time and will begin on the starting row. Choose an un-used player number and column number.


  • Please use my online tool for determining actions. Rolls of 1-3 fail and 4-6 are successful.
  • Axe (melee only) does 2 damage. (You are allowed to hit and run. Attacking another player is optional.)

Player actions

Each player will announce their intended action in the replies to each daily post.
Tell me your player number and what you intend to do.


I will update the board with new player positions and mine positions for the next day's play.

The object of the game is to pick up one or more of the Hive tokens (worth a Hive Basic Income sponsorship).


Tagging players @halemaster, @adnanibrahim, @pbock, @agr8buzz, @erikaflynn, @aussieninja, @pandorasbox, @goose20, @paulag, @hasnain06, @foodforfun, @rayne122, @dksart, @knightofzero, @shifat, @justatouchfey, @adenijiadeshina, @andre-verbrick, @mariita52, @bashadow, @nextgen622, @zacherybinx, @cyber.explorer, @hhayweaver, @improv, @badpupper, @simplegame, @holybread, @stever82, @mannaman, @amaillo, @jfang003, @luizeba, @shani.chaudhary, @numanyousaf, @secret-art, to let you know that a new game is about to begin. Let me know if you want to be taken off the list.



 6 months ago 

Player 11 dares to challenge the minefield.

 6 months ago 

Player 4 dares to grab the Hive!

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