Crossover Content. Cat/Beer

in Cat Photos4 years ago (edited)

Heyho Cat&Beer Lovers,

Lets try something new to create even more valuable Content. Cats and Beer ?! Sounds good? Yeah here we Go.


Let me introduce to you : "Rufus"

One of my two "norwegian (Forest)Cats. Like probably every red cat "Rufus" is more oftens pretty crazy 😄

His name derives from the latin and means "Red" or "the red one"

Greetings Cat Lovers. Next Time i will Introduce His Brother to you 👍

Cheers, Benny and Rufus



Das ist doch mal die ultimative Kombination! Schnurrt gut rein, und das ganze noch stilecht und gehaltvoll. Lang lebe der STEEM! ;-)

Wuhu ein bier aus meiner Stadt xD die katzen sind süß :)

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