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Our word of photography community has been renamed The Steemit City. Previously the main topics of our community were only photography. You will be happy to know that now our community will be based on different types of content.

The benefits that this community will have:

You can share any of your own talents in this community. Your post will be supported with the community's own voting value. There will also be two great contests from the community each week. You can get gifts by participating in that contest. There is also booming support in this community. Get the top five best quality post booming support every day. I will request you to always try to make a good quality post. Then you can get good rewards from here.

Currently our community logo has been changed. A new logo has been set, replacing the previous one.

All of you stay connected with this community. Share new content in this community with your best efforts. we will try to given maximum support. Above all, your support is highly desirable.

I am mentioning @steemcurator01 to inform about the past and present condition of this community.


Support us by delegating STEEM POWER.
20 SP50 SP100 SP250 SP500 SP

Follow @wo-photography & @steemitblog for last updates


this is really very extraordinary. Elegant logo design. With new ideas and topics. extraordinary

I love the new name is perfect. Speaking about the beauty of city.

 3 years ago 

I believe the one-day community will go many times further than other community. Many good wishes for this community.

জ্বী ভাইয়া আমিও আপনার সাথে সহমত।

Glad to hear that I can share my artworks as well in this community! 😍 HAPPY STEEMING! 💚

খুব সুন্দর নাম হইছে এখন, আমার কাছে ভালো লেগেছে। ধন্যবাদ সবাইকে

Wow! Am so exicited about this new development.

Que bien todo cambio es bienvenido, me encanta esta comunidad y con diversidad mayor es la participación. Buen trabajo

#onepercent #venezuela #affable

Well, in this, told of Previous horror new and tremendous good knowledge or did you.well done.

I am very hopeful that this community will go a long way one day.

It's a beautiful move.Hopefully we will reach a more advanced peak soon.❤️

Thanks @rex-sumon for the beautiful plan.❤️

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