RESULT ANNOUNCEMENT: Excellent Architecture Photography Contest

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Hello friends, a contest was launched from our community last week.Many have participated in the contest.Our contest was Architecture Photography Contest.Your participation was very nice. Five people have been selected from the contestants.Below announced their names and prize distribution.

1st@antikus369link5 steem
2nd@mamamashalink4 steem
3rd@kikenexumlink3 steem
4th@waterjoelink2 steem
5th@verosooklink1 steem

Congratulations to all the winners on behalf of the community.



@antikus369! @kikenexum! @waterjoe! @verosook! Congratulations on your prizes! Good luck to you!
@wo-photography! Thank you for the contest and for the prize! Good luck to you!

 2 months ago 

Thank you for evaluating my work and a prize.

Very cool contest about Architecture. I really like hearing this info. I will try to participate. Thanks for this info. Always success for you.

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Gracias @mamamasha y gracias a @wo-fotografia por este concurso.
Enhorabuena a todos los ganadores

Muchas gracias por este concurso, gracias por avaluar mi trabajo. Éxito para cada una de las personas que están en la comunidad de "Mundo de la fotografía"
Dios los continúe bendiciendo.

 last month 

@wo-photography it's good to know that you arrange contests and announce winners on the time....well congrats to all winners 🖤🥰

Wow! Congratulations winners