"Shadow for Shadowless Human"

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What happens Sujon Dada (Brother)? You are looking so Scared!! Are you all right? I saw something unusual, Sujon Dada replied to me. Ha..Ha..Ha. You are sweating a lot in the cold!! Unreal something!! Really? I asked Sujon Dada by laughing. Be relax man! Maybe it was misjudgment for dark night. There is no Ghost on the earth. I never experienced such kind of situation, Dada replied very nervously.


Let's drink some water and tell what you see and where? When I was coming to the factory from the Back Gate, I saw a big man standing beside the palm tree which situated in the corner of our factory field, Sujon Dada replied. I went there to pee. Firstly, I didn't notice him, when I started peeing, the man started talking with me. He loudly told me what you are doing here, please don't do this here, this is a holy place. We used this place for our prayer.


I just became very shocked and scared after hearing his voice, he was so big, about 3x of myself, He wore white Punjabi. I just stopped doing pee and run away toward the factory gate. Still, I can't believe my own eyes. What I saw, It was not a Ghost, He was an Imam. The Shadowless human being in the night.


I became very excited after hearing Sujon Dada. I reassured him, by telling him yes I believe it. Maybe sometimes some unreal situation can be created, some unreal entity can be visible. Dada the Ghost was not a bad one, if he was, he will try to scared you. But he did nothing, I also want to meet with this unreal entity. Let's go. No, I'm not going with you, If you want you can go.


We were doing night Shift duty on a winter night in our working industry. Without informing anything I managed a partner for going outside by the back gate of our factory. I just told my partner we are going outside for having a smoke. After getting out from the back gate we went very near to the palm tree as per Sujon Dada's information. There we waited for more than 20min, but we didn't see any unusual.

The shadowless human made me disappointed so that there I captured some Shadows pictures as well.

I wish If I will able to meet such kind of Shadowless gentle people!!

Thanks for being with me.



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