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During this pandemic, almost everyday is like a holiday. Specially for the students. In Bangladesh 🇧🇩, we've spent one and half year without classes, exams or other academical tasks. You know, online classes isn’t suitable for our country. Cause, we don't have well network provider, not everyone has smart devices, many of us lived a rural life in poverty line. So, vacation is like a curse for us now a days. But we have to find joy through it.

Now, it's rainy season in bangladesh. Some of my friends are decided to take a walk towards village. They are @alv.glv, shifat and tonmoy. After 30 minutes walking, we've reached our destination. We have always loved this place. It's totally solitude. And a shadow of a banyan tree how much enlighten your mind! If you wanna feel it, you've to go there.

But, the tree is so far 😪. And the road is under the water surface.

Then, we've been confused. What's we gonna do?? We have been waited there and continued our talking.


The sky, cloud, weather cheers to us. Alve has picked a water flower and i photographed it.


After spending some time, finally we decided to go under the banyan tree. By crossing knee-deep water, we've reached under the tree.

Yeah! We are happy 😉. And we've snatched the day.


Below to above.


Really, it was a great day. This banyan tree reminds me my childhood. When we were school students, we had spent our times here by bunking classes. It's a nostalgia place for us.

Thanks @sm-shagor for arranging this contest.

Best regards,

 11 months ago 


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