Wednesday Walk | Finding a new favourite noodle stall

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Sometimes when we walk around, we don't realised just we will find. It can be something so common that we take it for granted or it can something absolutely rare and amazing! That's my feeling when I saw this noodle stall near my apartment. I must've passed by it many times over but never once thought of stopping by to see what this elderly lady was selling. It wasn't until just a couple of weeks back when this was the only noodle stall that was opened and I was looking out to get myself some breakfast.


And since the many people were still pretty much home grounded, the streets were empty. This elderly lady was waiting for passerby like me to order but none paid attention. She caught my eye and smiled; hoping that I would order a bowl of noodles from her. I felt comfortable with her eye contact and nodded my head; not knowing what I was ordering but then, what the heck.. no harm in trying something new.

She was indeed very kind and helpful; offering me several options of noodles and I selected by pointing it with my fore fingers. It was nice to just sit down and wait for her to prepare my noodles. I think it was her smile that made me feel very welcoming. And after this one unexpected stop at her stall, I became a frequent customer of hers. I do enjoy her noodles. Very similar to the Wan Tan Noodles soup we have back home.


Just look at the ingredients.. doesn't it look inviting 😁
How could one resist this bowl of noodles .. ha ha

So, next time you walk around, it's alright to just pause for a moment and see what's around you. You would be surprised to see what you will find.


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