Wednesday Walk | A construction site in my heels

in Wednesday Walk6 months ago

Here I was knowing that I was going to a building construction site today and yet I had a morning boardroom meeting with a potential client; so in my office dress and high heels I headed to the site. Construction workers were all around me and my fellow colleagues; having their odd looks on our attire.


We're going to take over this project in December as such we needed to see the location before the full handover. Moreover, we were told that the developer wanted us to take over the retail space as well; on top of the 157 service apartments. It was interesting to see how the entire 5 block of buildings were coming up and having our brand on one of it. This is the center court in which is supposed to be a mini landscape area.


This is the view of the retail outlets from the back. Doesn't really look very inviting isn't it but then again, that's how construction sites are. I've had my share of construction sites in the past and to be honest, this is one of the most completed ones which I have visited.


This is the front of the retail outlets. Not too bad at all, I have to say. I can just imagine that once it's completed, it would look really good. Though I'm not sure if we can ask for USD5 p/sqm for this area. Today was one of the most interesting outdoor activity I've had in a long time. Maybe, I've just been indoors way too long.


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