Where can I see the SP I delegated to NutBox?

in NutBox2 years ago

I'm new to NutBox and I have a beginner question...

I was reading about NutBox as an incubation platform based on Steem, and since I had about 2100 Steem Power lying around, I thought I'd delegate my SP to @nutbox.mine.

I did so by selecting "Delegate" on the "Staking Mining > Mining By Delegation" tab.

After doing that, my Peanut wallet only shows me the remaining (=undelegated) amount of SP.

I can't see the delegated SP anywhere on Peanut and I wonder: Where did it go?


I can see on SteemWorld that it was delegated correctly.


My goal is to set up everything to be able to receive staking rewards. Is there anyone in the #NutBox community willing to help me sort this out?

Otherwise I'll have to undelegate my SP and find a better use for my SP but I don't want to do that as I think I'm really close to setting this up. I appreciate any advice.

Have a great Sunday, NutBoxers!


You can add 1 more sp to delegate.

Hello. If you're looking for an alternative for nutbox, you might be interested in @jsup curation project.


Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day!

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