The official website of Nutbox is online! | Nutbox官网上线啦!

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We are excited to declare that: our official website is online now!

The closer friends of ours may know that we have been following our roadmap to develop the Nutbox v2. Today is a good start. In the next 2 months, let us reveal the whole project step by step, please keep your expectation.

Before the Nutbox v2 be displayed, we have sorted out the relation between peanut and Nutbox v2. Now we can enter into the official website and click "Try Peanut" on the homepage to join the SP delegation service provided by Peanut. We can also find the Peanut service through the web address: .


In recent months, our team is working extremely hard, many tasks have been done. THANK YOU to every community member who supports our team. Let us expect the bright future, march hand in hand, embrace the dream.

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与我们联系比较紧密的朋友,或许知道我们一直在开发Nutbox v2。今天,我们让Nutbox v2官网上线。接下来1-2个月,我们会为大家逐步揭开Nutbox v2的面纱,敬请更多期待。

在Nutbox v2揭晓以前,我们重新梳理了Peanut与Nutbox v2的关系。现在大家可以点击进入Nutbox官网(,轻点主页的「Try Peanut」参与Peanut的代理SP挖PNUT。Peanut社区成员亦可直接通过「」进入到Peanut挖矿页面。


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By delegating sp to them, they would already be involved in mining by delegation, right? How often can I collect rewards by delegation? And can I know how much I would do for example for a delegation of 100SP? Thanks in advance.

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Is there a kind of calculator that calculates suppose I delegate 1000 sp?

follow it.

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you guys are doing great work


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Hola, tengo un problema en la plataforma al intentar delegar mis sp, alguien podria ayudarme?

Can I delegate 10 SP? Don't have more. And some pages need better translation. For example clicking the Become an ambassador English page, takes you to a non English page.


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Informative post! Thank you for sharing with all community.
Greetings from Venezuela!! 😄✨

Hello @nutbox.mine can you please explain how Nutbox works?

Congratulations and more power to your team!

what are the benefits of mining


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Hi. Thank you for voting my blog. I support you and did vote to witness account of both. ^^
Have a great day~

I used this link to guide me but i couldn't login, it was like an unstoppable loading. Can i delegate some SP from ? And how many SP is the minimum amount to delegate? @nutbox.mine

@nutbox.mine I wanted to try the mining by delegation of SP but my keychain said that you wanted to use my active key instead of posting key? Why do you need my active key for just delegation? Now it looks suspicious as other services don't need that, please explain, thanks

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Ya vote por ustedes como testigo. Gracias.


How this works


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