Nutbox Proposal for The Biggest Airdrop in Peanut

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Airdrop Background

Peanut came into being on the Steem blockchain and has been assisted by many enthusiasts on Steem.

As the development of Nutbox enters the next stage, Peanut will become a platform that supports multiple staking assets. Meanwhile, Nutbox Walnut Network will be launched soon, and PNUT holders will receive NUT airdrops by then. At this critical time, Peanut would like to give back to the Steem community.

To thank the Steem community users for their support to Peanut, Peanut will conduct the PNUT Century Airdrop 🎉. More than 500,000 PNUT will be given out in this round of airdrop, which is the largest airdrop event since Peanut went online.

Want to know how you can grab the PNUT airdrop? Please read the following rules👇👇

Airdrop Details

(1)Basic Rewards 🥜

Any member of the Steem community can get at least 200 PNUT in airdrop by completing the following operations:

  1. Follow @NutboxDao Twitter【】and retweet the official tweet on this round of airdrop;

  2. Join the Official Nutbox Telegram Group【】,and send your ①Steem ID, ②Tron Address for receiving PNUT, ③ Screenshot of your retweet to the Telegram group;

    note: if you do not have these accounts, you'll have to register by yourself

(2)Invitation Rewards ☺

If you are a KOL or community organizer, you can invite friends around you to participate in this event. The reward rules are as follows:

  • Invite 3 friends to complete the basic reward rules (see above) to get an extra 400 PNUT reward;
  • If you invited more than 3 friends, you will get another 50 PNUT for each additional invitee. This reward can be overlayed, and the invitation limit is 20;
  • After the event has ended, all inviters who have invited more than 20 users can participate in the lottery, and the winners will get huge airdrop of 5,000 PNUT 🎁

(3)Strike Rewards ⚡

If you are a Steem supporter or have delegated SP to Peanut, you may trigger a strike reward and get an airdrop of up to 10,000 PNUT🎁

Event Time

  • Event Starts: July 18th 12am(UTC+8)
  • PNUT Receival: July 25th 12am(UTC+8)

Airdrop Terms and Conditions

  • After the 500,000 PNUT airdrops are issued, the event will end immediately. The amount is limited and is given out on a first-come first-served basis;
  • 7 days after the event had started (i.e. July 25th), you may visit【】to check and harvest your PNUT airdrops;
  • In order to ensure the fairness of the event, Nutbox reserves the right to cancel the participation eligibility of anyone who is found to have carried out any illegal operation that affects the normal operation of the event;
  • Nutbox reserves all rights of final interpretation for this event.

Funds Requested

Steem ID:peanut.mine
Tron ID:TVTQd54B6wW9RGVZDzbxvf22nzXHpsMsst
PNUT: 500,000





吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~






吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~


Hi, just saw this now...trying to retweet but its not going what do i do about it



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